¡Gracias por las clases de surf en Máncora! 🏖🏄‍♀️ ¡Es una experiencia que merece ser vivida! ¡Con un equipo profesional y muy amable! ¡Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo! 🌎😉

Haizea BL – Donostia, San Sebastian

During my 3 days lessons with savagekite-Peru club, I learned and enjoyed myself a lot!  Renzo is the perfect teacher to approach this sport and beside all the knowledge, you’ll experience lots of fun.
Very professional, good waves, good vibes, good people, all in all I couldn’t have found a better school !
Thanks again for everything pope Velasquez 🤙🏼

Sarah L – Frankfurt, Germany

Highly recommend Savage Kite School! Renzo is very passionate about his sport, and he is an amazing instructor. Even if you’re a first-timer at kite surfing, Renzo is the man to get you on the board 🤙🌊

Jacob – Copenhagen, Denmark

Very interesting approaching to teaching this amazing sport, Renzo makes you slowly ( or quickly actually…) falling in love with the Kite, a fascinating instrument to make a lifestyle!
Thank you so much Renzo you are a legend!

Francesca – Roma, Italia