Course guide

Course guide

Learning to kite surf with us is a well structured process and, beyond the fun on the board itself,  you will enjoy the feeling of progressing every day.  Each stage in the process will bring you closer your goal of being able to kite surf solo.

Our courses are separated into different days. The exact form and structure will differ from one individual to the next as every student will bring a different level of skill to their first lesson.  Some students might already know how to wave or snow board while for others it might be the first board activity they learn. Some people will learn faster than others but the good news is that kitesurfing is very accessible to all – with time and patience, everybody can learn it!

The schedule below is intended to give you a rough idea about what to expect when learning to kite board with us. Our experience shows that these steps provide the right structure and progression for about 90% of our first-timers and gets them up and able to kite surf as fast as possible. Breaking the stages of the process down into different chunks for each day also allow you to sleep on what you have learned each day, enabling you to build your muscle-memory and pick-up each day from where you left off the day before. We have built this process up over time and based on our experience with a wide range of students from different backgrounds and abilities.

Of course, the exact details of the steps you learn in each lesson can and will be adjusted to your specific abilities: you can stop at any point, or take your learning further, just as you like and based on what feels comfortable for you. There is no set-in-stone process and we take each individual as they are.

Day 1

As with every extreme sport you have to learn the safety system of the equipment first and getting familiar with this on the kite is the first thing you will be taught. You will also learn how to control the kite before you go in the water enabling you to build a connection with it, getting a feeling for how to control it and familiarise yourself with its strength.

  • Wind theory (wind windows)
  • Set up the equipment (bar, lines, kite)
  • Safety features to immediately loose power (quick release, safety leash)
  • Kite control and water contact (power control, body dragging)

Day 2

Quick refresh of day 1 and progression onto the next steps. Building power using the kite figure “8” (∞ – moving the kite through the different power zones). Learning how to start with the board in water and how to launch the kite in the water.

  • One arm body drag (down and upwind)
  • Learn aggressive kite control and water launch
  • Walk with the kite on the beach
  • Water start with the board

Day 3

Quick refresh of day 2.  We then teach you how to get back on the board in the water and recover it in case you lose it (we don’t use board leashes in kite surfing because they are dangerous!).

  • Water restart and recovery with the board
  • Learn to board long distances
  • Learn to go upwind

The above 3 days course is designed as an introduction to give you the key basic skills you need to become an independent kite boarder. As mentioned above, exact progression will vary depending on the pre-existing skills and progression speed of the individual.