Here are some of our offers around lessons or rentals. Prices are listed in USD which you can get at the ATMs here. Though if you prefer you can also pay in PES.

Private lessons

Private lessons are 1 on 1 lessons where you will have the whole attention of the trainer for yourself. For a beginner this is the fastest route to get on the board and learn how to kite surf.

$50 per hour per person

Semi-Private lessons

During semi-private session you learn and improve your skills in a group of 2 students . Learning as group helps you to learn from each other and something to talk and giggle about after. This is ideal to tip your toes into kite-surfing and get an idea of what to expect. You can always continue as group, or switch to private lessons to speed up your pace.

$75 per hour for  2 students

Surf lessons

Surf lessons for beginners include all equipment, about 15 minutes introduction on the beach (dry theory and practice), and 1 hour personal supported wave riding in the water. Of course you can book additional hours as you want or simply decide while on the water when to stop.

$20 per person per hour


If you already know how to kite-board or surf, you can also rent our equipment. By day we mean the part where you can see without artificial light – from sunrise to sunset. Days in Máncora last about 12 hours. The sun rises about 6:30 am and set about 6:30 pm. You might want to get in touch with us if you’re an early bird.

Surf boards

Mainly one of our boards and a foot-strap 🙂

$10 per day (sunrise to sunset)

Kite, board and equipment

Usually you want a board, kite and harness. If you prefer you can also get a helmet and a swim-vest.

$50 per day (sunrise to sunset)