About Máncora

Máncora is the capital of Máncora District and the go-to beach resort on the North Shore of Peru, about 3.5 hours by bus north-west of Piura. It is close to the Ecuadorian border and many travellers stay longer than initially planned. The Pan American Highway serves as the main street of this small town. Máncora has a great range of accommodation and entertainment  and attracted 340,000 tourists in 2005. It is known for its large, beautiful beaches, waves, and reliable wind conditions which makes it an ideal place to kite surf, wave surf, or just relax in the sun. You will find great food and people here from different places all over the world.


Beyond the beach and its ideal kite surf conditions, there are plenty of other things to do in Máncora. Whether you want horse riding or a massage at the beach, enjoying the romantic sunset from the lighthouse, a boat trip to see turtle , diving courses, yoga classes, or just sunbathing, Máncora has what you are looking for.

With its relaxed inhabitants , sunny, and nicely warm climate Máncora will quickly make you feel comfortable and relaxed.